About This Blog

Through checking my stat counter I have discovered that someone did a Google search for words similar to these: "dog has primary glaucoma vet says both eyes must come out is it fair to the dog?" That search led the person to my main blog, but the story of Butch, an amazingly capable blind dog, was buried too deeply in those pages to be easily found.

I remember the agony of indecision I felt when I searched using similar words. Butch's sight was fading fast, and I was desperate for information that would help me determine what was the right thing to do for him.

Now, someone else is feeling what I did then, and I'm heartsick that this particular searcher missed Butch's story. By publishing this blog, I hope the next person who needs to know about a dog like Butch will find him--and perhaps a little comfort and reassurance--right here.

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