Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anal Sac Saga: The Final Chapter

Two weeks after Butch’s surgery, we went back to the vet to get his stitches out. Two weeks after that, this past Friday, we went for his final recheck. He’s doing great!

It feels good to me to know Butch isn’t in pain, and he undoubtedly appreciates feeling better, too. I’m sure he’d be even happier if I could communicate to him that the dreaded 45-minute car trips have ended for a while. On the other hand, he’s thoroughly enjoyed the social interaction with his friends at the vet’s office, so the miserable car rides might have been worth it.

When Butch’s veterinarian released him, she joked that she hopes she doesn’t have to see his butt again anytime soon. I know just how she feels. I’m grateful for the excellent medical care Butch received, grateful for the support and good wishes of his friends, online and off, and grateful that there’s a happy ending to this long tale tail.

(First published at Velvet Sacks on August 17, 2008.)


SoggyInSeattle said...

We owned a blind dog for years. He was amazing. Thanks for this blog.

Velvet Sacks said...

Thanks for visiting Butch's blog. It's good to hear from someone who has shared the experience of having a blind dog. Isn't it wonderful how the nose, the ears, and, most of all, the heart take over for the missing eyesight?